Learn about student start-ups which competed in previous Spark Tanks and

went through the FUEL mentoring process.


Landscape connect

2018 Spark Tank winner
2018 Cork Institute International APPrentice award for best app idea

Landscape Connect is a CRM software that aims to enhance customer relationships, increase customer retention rates, create trust and transparency with customers, and improve business operations in the landscaping industry or other service industries.


2018 Spark Tank winner
YCombinator startup school Fall 2018

CropShop is aiming to make farm to table 10x easier for chefs and farmers around the globe.


W.c pepe Career training:

2016 Spark Tank winner

W.C. Pepe Career Training offers first class preparation for the Massachusetts Hoisting License Engineers Exam, as well as continuing Education courses for Hoisting Engineers License renewals. ( Hoisting Licenses pertain to most types of heavy construction equipment such as excavators, cranes, and loaders). W.C. Pepe Career Training is a state licensed and certified training program.

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2017 Spark Tank Winner


Crater Creations

2017 Spark Tank Winner

Crater Creations was founded in 2015 with the mission to create sustainable cycles of employment and education in small underdeveloped Maasai communities in Kenya, starting with Kisharu. We will achieve this by employing women with livable wages to sell Maasai fashion products and accessories. The first of which is a handmade drawstring bag marketed to students and youth in the United States. 100% of net profits will be used to improve educational opportunities for vulnerable and orphaned children in Kisharu.

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Your Advocate

2017 Spark Tank winner