Think About the Payback

We've been thinking a lot lately about where our time is being spent.  Time is democratic, in that we are all given 168 hours every week to get things done.  Yet, all too often, we hear "I don't have time".  And, the truth is, we are guilty of saying the very same thing, too.  A great exercise we like to challenge others with (and ourselves!) is adding up where the hours go in a week.  Almost always, we come up short of the 168 hours which means there actually is spare time.

Sleep for 8 hours a day?  There's 56 hours in a week.  Do you work 40 hours a week?  Now you are up to 96 hours.  Commute an hour each way to work?  There's another 10.  You are still only up to only 106 hours.  Let's say eating takes up 2 hours every day.  There's 14 hours in a week.  One of those special people who works out an hour, 5 days a week?  That and your eating still only gets you to 125 hours.  You still have 43 hours unaccounted for in one week.  Let's put dressing and showering at one hour every day.   36 hours are still left!

Now for the big question? How much time do you spend each day on social media - FB, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram - an hour a day?  Two hours? 

Yet what is that payback for that time invested? 

We get that staying in touch with friends and family is fun...yet are any of those social media apps going to result in an internship or job offer for you?  Now how much time do you spend on LinkedIn where time spent could actually result in one of those two things?  Imagine if you invested just one hour, once a week, on writing recommendations, beefing up your profile, posting a blog or following a user group that mattered to you?  

Hmmm...that's an investment worth of your time, don't you think?

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