It All Starts With A Story

Recently, we were with a group of really smart entrepreneurs, technologists really, who were anxious to get their business off and running.  

Their passion was evident for their creation.  Before long, we knew about every widget, screw and microprocessor that was in the product. 

One thing was missing.  The story.  

They had fallen prey to something so simple, it has somehow become complex.  They had forgotten that beyond the shine, the snazz and the jubilation about Their Great Invention that there needed to be a narrative.  Long after customers forgot about fast microprocessors, elegant code or the shine on the new car, they will remember the story they were told that compelled them to buy in the first place.  

Stories don't come easy all the time.  You may be special and nail what your narrative will be on the very first telling.  But just like those stories told around the Thanksgiving table about when Uncle Henry forgot the cranberry sauce for the sixth time or when Spencer the Wonder Terrier got into the stuffing, stories get better with lots of telling.  And the only way your story of your product or service can get better is with lots and lots of telling to lots of people.  

Weave in how great the product will be in improving their lives or how much trouble it will save them over the long honest, sincere and, remember to take a breath.  

You never taking a breath, you may be giving the customer a chance to place an order.  And that would be a very, very good thing.